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Alaska John Green

Eine wie Alaska (Reihe Hanser) | Green, John, Zeitz-Ventura, Sophie | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf​. (John Green: "Eine wie Alaska". Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Sophie Zeitz. Carl Hanser Verlag, München S., geb., 16,90 [Euro]. Ab 14 J.) Brila. Looking for Alaska | Green, John | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. <

Looking For Alaska

Before. Miles Pudge Halter s whole life has been one big non-event. Then he heads off to the sometimes crazy, possibly unstable, and anything-butboring world. Looking for Alaska. A Novel. Winner of the Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature Nominated for the Jugendbuchpreis. Miles ist Viel ist nicht gerade los bei ihm. Keine Liebe, keine Kumpels - ein stinknormales Leben. Bis er Alaska trifft. Miles verknallt sich in das schöne Mädchen und gerät in eine Achterbahn der Gefühle: Alaska - Göttin und Rätsel.

Alaska John Green Eine wie Alaska Film - Infos & Handlung Video

Looking for Alaska by John Green - Story of a Girl - Book Summary In English

Looking For Alaska is an 8-episode limited series based on the John Green novel of the same name. It centers around teenager Miles "Pudge" Halter (Charlie Plummer), as he enrolls in boarding. John Green is the New York Times bestselling author of Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, The Fault in Our Stars, Turtles All the Way Down, and the upcoming essay collection The Anthropocene Reviewed. He is one half of the vlogbrothers on YouTube and co-creator of educational series Crash Course. More about John. Green was awarded the Michael L. Printz Award for Looking for Alaska. It is taught in many high school and college curricula and has been published in over 30 languages. A special 10th Anniversary edition of Looking for Alaska was released in You can buy Looking for Alaska from your favorite retailer via the Penguin portal. Alaska and Miles spend Thanksgiving break on campus together, and then everyone goes home for Christmas. When they get back, Alaska, Miles, Takumi, the Colonel and Lara, whom Alaska thinks Miles should date, execute a prank on the Weekday Warriors. Takumi and Miles distract the Eagle by setting off fireworks around campus while Lara puts blue. John Green's first novel, Looking for Alaska, won the Michael L. Printz Award presented by the American Library Association. His second novel, An Abundance of Katherines, was a Michael L. Printz Award Honor Book and a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. I have to admit that Final rating: 4. The Expanse. Highly recommend to everyone since it's inevitable for us to face the miseries and important for us to learn how to deal with them.

Because of this, their grieving process consists of seeking answers surrounding her death since they feel that they are responsible.

Ultimately, Miles is able to come to the conclusion that Alaska would forgive him for any fault of his in her death and thus his grief is resolved in a healthy way.

Throughout the book, the events that Miles and other characters experience are typical coming-of-age situations. Book reviews often note this theme, bringing up the instances in the book such as grief that cause the characters to look at life from a new and more mature perspective.

The theme of hope plays a major role in Looking for Alaska. Even though some of the novel's prominent themes are about death, grief and loss, Green ties hope into the end of the novel to solve Pudge's internal conflict that is incited by Alaska's death.

In Barb Dean's chapter about the novel, she takes a closer look into Mr. Hyde's theology class where he discusses the similarity of the idea of hope between the founding figures of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.

Hyde also asks the class what their call for hope is, and Pudge decides his is his escape of his personal labyrinth of suffering.

For Pudge, his call for hope is understanding the reality of suffering while also acknowledging that things like friendship and forgiveness can help diminish this suffering.

Dean notes that Green has said that he writes fiction in order to "'keep that fragile strand of radical hope [alive], to build a fire in the darkness.

Looking for Alaska is a novel that exposes readers to the interpersonal relationships between the youth and adult characters in the novel.

Green presents specific adult characters, like The Eagle who is the dean of students, whose main focus is to eliminate the rebellious tendencies of various students.

Hyde, the school's religious studies teacher, express positive beliefs in his students, while still maintaining an authoritative role within the classroom environment.

The relationship that exists between Dr. Hyde and his students illustrates how mutual respect can lead to positive interpersonal relationships between the youth and adults.

Looking for Alaska has received both positive reviews and attempts at censorship in multiple school districts. Positive reviews include comments on the relatable high school characters and situations as well as more complex ideas such as how topics like grief are handled.

Parents and school administrators have questioned the novel's language, sexual content, and depiction of tobacco and alcohol use. Printz award in and has also won praise from organizations such as the American Library Association, School Library Journal , and the Los Angeles Times among others.

Positive reviews of Looking for Alaska have been attributed to Green's honest portrayal of teenagers and first love. Lewis and Robert Petrone comment on the novel's ability to portray loss in a format relatable to high-school readers.

Additionally, many educators and librarians recommend Looking for Alaska to their students because of the powerful themes it addresses. Looking for Alaska has won and been nominated for several literary awards.

The novel has also appeared on many library and newspaper recommended booklists. In , Looking for Alaska won the Michael L.

Printz Award, which is awarded by the American Library Association. In March , the Knoxville Journal reported that a parent of a year-old Karns High School student objected to the book's placement on the Honors and Advanced Placement classes' required reading lists for Knox County, Tennessee high schools on the grounds that its sex scene and its use of profanity rendered it pornography.

In May , Sumner County in Tennessee also banned the teaching of Looking for Alaska. The school's spokesman argued that two pages of the novel included enough explicit content to ban the novel.

Two teachers at Depew High School near Buffalo, New York , used the book for eleventh grade instruction in Looking for Alaska was challenged by parents for its sexual content and moral disagreements with the novel.

Despite the teachers providing an alternate book, parents still argued for it to be removed from curriculum due to its inappropriate content such as offensive language, sexually explicit content, including a scene described as "pornographic", and references to homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

The book was ultimately kept in the curriculum by the school board after a unanimous school board vote with the stipulation that the teachers of the 11th grade class give the parents a decision to have their children read an alternate book.

Zu Beginn der Geschichte verlässt Miles sein Elternhaus in Florida, um in Alabama auf ein Internat zu gehen. Dort lernt er endlich Freunde, u.

Ziemlich harter Tobak für jugendliche Leser und dennoch ein absolut spannendes Thema, dass durchaus eine Filmadaption verdient hat!

Tiefgründig, zutiefst bewegend, fast poetisch und trotzdem auch mit Witz erzählt John Green eine Geschichte vom Erwachsen werden mit allem was dazu gehört: Liebe, Freundschaft, Familie, Verlust, Trauer, die Suche nach einem Selbst und dem Sinn des Lebens.

Ein wirklich ganz besonderes Buch was mir sehr am Herzen liegt. Bitte lesen. Ich kann gar nicht sagen, wie oft dieses Buch mir schon empfohlen wurde.

Jetzt endlich habe ich es gelesen. Und bin enttäuscht. Ich weis nicht was ich erwartet habe. Aber etwas anderes auf jeden fall. Etwas… mehr? Ich fand es relativ anstrengend zu lesen, da es keine wirklichen Abschnitte oder Kapitel gab und auch den Schr Ich fand es relativ anstrengend zu lesen, da es keine wirklichen Abschnitte oder Kapitel gab und auch den Schreibstil empfand ich als nicht sonderlich flüssig.

Dazu kam, dass ich weder Alaska, noch Miles noch einen der Nebenfiguren sympathisch fand. Im Gegenteil.

Sort order. Start your review of Looking for Alaska. Apr 01, Cristina rated it did not like it Shelves: WROTE THIS IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am TEN YEARS OLDER. This is not what I expected to be. I hoped to find a book in the style of Stargirl or something novel and what did I find?

A bunch of teens who try to ease their anxieties in their not-so-original vices and a sudden drama which leads to nonsense talking. All hiding, of course, in a couple of beautiful quotes that wrap all the 'inspiring-sites' on the internet, the reason I got to the book and I bet that yo WROTE THIS IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All hiding, of course, in a couple of beautiful quotes that wrap all the 'inspiring-sites' on the internet, the reason I got to the book and I bet that you too.

Boring, it was so so boring. I didn't like the characters. Alaska was unbearable oh no wait, she was awesome if you were a character too: fantastic girl,beautiful and wonderful and ohmarrymerightnowplease , and she had to be an intelligent woman, so the author made her feminist and an avid reader, to prove she had brains , and there is no need to write about the boys because The main character was a cronic linnet, who got lost in his difficulties mostly, not having a girlfriend, such a big problem you see and searching The Great Perhaps, thing he forgot to do so easily so What a waste of time!

It's great if you loved the book but I didn't. Maybe at this time of my life I would express myself in a different way but when I wrote this I was convinced of all I said before.

After Looking for Alaska, I read other John Green's books. And I loved some of them, like really did. It's sad that Looking for Alaska didn't work for me but I think it is wonderful that it did for you.

I read the comments twice in the last View all comments. Mar 30, Patrick rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-would-blurb. My assistant Amanda has been a John Green fan for ages, which is one of the reasons I decided to start giving his stuff a read.

I decided to start here because it was one of his first books. After I finished this book, I went to her and asked, "Are all of John Green's books going to leave me feeling like I've had a hole kicked straight through my guts?

I mentioned a particular scene in my first book. His scene is more central to his book. But even so, yeah. It was kinda like that. Sorry about that.

View all 59 comments. Sep 11, karen rated it really liked it Shelves: pretty-girls-make-graves , why-yes-i-ya , and-so-this-is-grad-school , welcome-author.

That's me, realizing I was about to give a big one star to a super popular book on Goodreads. It didn't stop me. This book was beyond stupid.

Miles is a little nerd boy from Florida, he is going away to boarding school hoping for a new life or maybe his "Great Perhaps". The Great Perhaps comes from a minute reference to some poet.

Thrown in to this book to make it all edgy and shit. Once he gets there his roommate the requisite character that is so poor but super smart befriends hi That's me, realizing I was about to give a big one star to a super popular book on Goodreads.

Once he gets there his roommate the requisite character that is so poor but super smart befriends him.

The Colonel aka Chip takes Miles now known as Pudge under his wing and now he has friends! Including the super special Alaska, she is the beautiful, cool and allusive girl.

She is moody and spontaneous. Of course, the boys all love her milkshake.. That smoking line? It's from the book.

John Green, you have enough dang money that if you are going to write southern characters at least try, TRY!!! You just put every stupid stereotype known into the characters that are southern for this book.

You made them all sound stupid. If they didn't go to this wonderful boarding school that erased their accent they sounded like ignorant hicks.

I hate to tell you honey, but last time I check Florida is also in the south. They have accents too. You lost a star just for not taking the two seconds to research southern speech.

I've lived here my whole life and I have never heard someone speak like you had several characters speaking. Anyways, for me. This book glorified the whole "oh I'm so dark" "don't you want to be me" shit.

FOR ME view spoiler [It glorified suicide even though Alaska technically did not commit suicide. Here's a message for you. Book source: Library Nina I cringed so hard Jul 01, AM.

Jan 30, AM. Then we met the Colonel, and I did this because the Colonel is awesome! Then we met Alaska and I go because, who knows?

She's really not that bad. Then we really get to know her and I'm like Then ALL this stuff happens and I don't know what to expect, because now we're at the After part, and I'm excited Then BAM!

And I'm like Because there is NO WAY that can happen and I'm pretty sure someone is playing a sick, sick joke on me.

Then I realize its not a joke, and the waterworks start flowing Then I finally calm down And I'm trying to stay strong and remember it's only a book so I'm like Then I can't help myself and go back to ugly crying Then FINALLY Then, after all that, I realize I LOVE THIS BOOK!

View all 34 comments. Mar 08, Todd rated it did not like it Shelves: 12ss , mature , sad , 12ss-contemporary-realistic. I must've skipped a bunch of pages or read the Hebrew translation or was having root canal or something because that was one terrible book.

All those awards-- WHAT??? Such a clumsy story— every move of the author was heavy-handed and so transparent I felt like I was a fly on John Green's ceiling watching him go "Oh that's good-- oh that's just precious" and fall asleep in his soup again.

Miles—I mean "Pudge,"as he is deemed within minutes of his arrival at his School of Great Perhaps— may b Wow. Miles—I mean "Pudge,"as he is deemed within minutes of his arrival at his School of Great Perhaps— may be looking for Alaska throughout this story but I sure knew her right away.

She's the pretty girl who's even prettier because she's a bit damaged and makes you feel like you have a chance with her because she's a flirt.

Yes, she's a hopelessly thin character, as are they all with the exception of The Colonel. Lara, Pudge's first girlfriend, is so bland she is given a Russian accent complete with long e's for short i's "I put the stuff een the gel In fact, each character is carefully provided with a shtick, often a savant-like "talent" that would in reality win game shows but is meant to be That Thing That Makes Him Special: The Colonel can remember capitals of countries to the point of extreme autism!

Pudge knows the last words of famous people— only he's so doggone quirky that he reads the biography but not the work of the famous person!

And our precious Alaska? She keeps stacks and stacks of books in her room that she intends to read when she's done selling cigarettes to high school kids, I guess , called her life library or something , but has wrestled with life's Big Questions alongside some very Heavy Thinking Authors, and can recite poetry, of course.

Everybody is way too philosophical and literary for their own good, but god forbid the reader is allowed to think. Lest you miss the point, every moment is interpreted for you: I finally understood that day at the Jury: Alaska wanted to show us we could trust her.

Survival at Culver Creek meant loyalty, and she had ignored that. But then she'd shown me the way. She and the Colonel had taken the fall for me to show me how it was done, so I would know what to do when the time came Ok, then—I guess that's what happened, except that's just not the way high school kids work.

Even word choice reveals fear we won't get it; if an author has to tell you FIVE TIMES in the book that the character "deadpanned" instead of "said" the Colonel"deadpanned" three times and Pudge, just a little less dry I guess, "deadpanned" twice then either the dialogue is not written well or the author believes it is not written well.

The former, at least. So just hanging with these kids leaves one searching for a third dimension, but then the story itself pretty much jumps genres halfway through, from slacker-YA-Holden-mentioned-on-the-back-cover to straight mystery.

Why'd she do what she did? Lest I "spoil" this story for you, I won't go into this part, but suffice it to say the above question is left out in the sun to rot while we are forced to look on, sniffing the decay.

The story doesn't work in any genre anyway. I know what the story is supposed to do— make me fall in love with Alaska, feel all warm and cozy when the four friends smoke cigarettes, shoot the breeze, and look out for one another, and care when one of them screams with cosmic agony, but alas.

Maybe if I wasn't basically tapped on the shoulder and demanded these reactions I would be better at having them, but lines fall flat and soggy like cigarettes tossed casually into some cliche prep-school lake: The Colonel let go of my sweater and I reached down and picked up the cigarettes.

Not screaming, not through clenched teeth, not with the veins pulsing in my forehead, but calmly. I looked down at the Colonel and said, "F— you.

View all 47 comments. Feb 29, Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker Queen of the Undead rated it did not like it. First, please note there are spoilers.

However, the spoilers aren't really spoilers since it doesn't affect your enjoyment or lack of enjoyment if you know the big secret.

Nevertheless, a helpful few have pointed out that I have spoilers and I didn't mark them. So are you happy now?

Ok, now to another criticism. All right I'll bite. Yes, Alaska is flawed. That is obvious. Did Mr.

Green show how Alaska was flawed and resolve either her flaws or how others deal with her flaws if she chose not to change her ways?

Still not buying my argument? Let's say for the sake of argument, Alaska was a puppy abuser. She goes around kicking puppies. Is her puppy kicking dealt with?

Do any of the characters say "listen Alaska Darling, you kick one more puppy and I'm kicking your ass"? Ok, maybe that is a bit extreme, how about does Mr.

Green have his characters abandon Alaska because she refuses to give up her puppy kicking ways? I know, you are saying, "listen, you stupid idiot, Alaska didn't abuse puppies, she only abused other's people's kindness, took advantage of people, emotionally manipulated people and was an all around piss poor person that used her own poor past to lash out".

Oh, ok, I see what you mean, nope, not a puppy kicker Poor Alaska. She screwed up in her past. She blames herself for something that happened when she was a child.

It caused her to be moody, withdrawn, angry, and unpredictable. The next minute, she was the bitch.

Poor, poor Alaska. Give me a break! Alaska acted the way she did because she could. She used her past as an excuse for her destructive behavior.

Many people had really shitty childhoods. Many people were physically and mentally abused as children. Many people were left to survive on their own as children…hungry, dirty and alone.

Far from it. I have a ton of compassion. But being a victim does not excuse your behavior. Being a victim does not justify your behavior.

You still have to treat people with kindness, compassion, love, and honesty regardless of what struggles you survived.

Get help, and then move on. If someone is treating you wrong, call them on it. That is BS. If a person is friendly, kind, caring one minute, but then angry, withdrawn the next, THEY have a problem.

If a person is drinking too much, partying to hard, ignoring authority, breaking the rules, THEY have a problem.

Alaska sucked as a friend and she was a lousy human being, and she took up too much of my time by reading the book.

View all 81 comments. This book is incredibly popular, and it's been waiting patiently in my bookshelf for at least two years now.

I've read Paper Towns which was boring af and The Fault In Our Stars which is one of my favourite books.

Looking for Alaska was something in between. Characters: Miles, the main character, is as interesting and charming as toast. So are his parents, but their lack of character depth is even worse.

She is every toast-boy's fantasy, curvy, but also smart, a bookworm and feminist. Plot: Hmm. What's the plot? Boarding school, pranks, bullies, girls with boobs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Way too many cigarettes - which really annoys me. Yeah, teens smoke out of stupidity but why write about it, and, in a way, promote it. Not cool.

Listen guys, smoking: not cool. Thoughts: I don't get the point. I didn't feel emotionally connected to any of the characters and this lack of feelings took away the sympathy and understanding for them.

In a way, it seemed pointless. Not because it's not sad, but more because the whole novel left no impression on me.

The dialogues are okay and the pranks are fun, but I don't feel like this must have been written. Find more of my books on Instagram View all 46 comments.

View all 21 comments. This was the first book I ever read by John Green. It was given to me in when I had no idea who John Green was.

Es werden jedoch immer wieder Tage und ganze Wochen übersprungen, die im darauffolgenden Abschnitt zumeist kurz resümiert werden. Der jährige Teenager wird seine Heimat Florida verlassen, um in Alabama das Internat Culver Creek zu besuchen.

Wie Miles erwartet, erscheinen nur zwei Personen zu der Feier, da er an seiner bisherigen Schule nicht beliebt ist. Das nennt man Ironie.

In seiner ersten Nacht wird Miles von einigen Tagesschülern mit Klebeband gefesselt und in den See auf dem Schulgelände geworfen.

Der Grund dafür scheint zu sein, dass er mit dem Colonel das Zimmer teilt. Dennoch gibt sie Miles des Öfteren zu verstehen, dass auch sie Gefühle für ihn hat.

So bittet Alaska ihn, über Thanksgiving mit ihr in der Schule zu bleiben und nicht nach Hause zu seinen Eltern zu fahren. Statt den Notruf zu wählen, sah sie vor Angst gelähmt dabei zu, wie ihre Mutter an einer Hirnblutung starb.

Zwei Tage später spielen der Colonel und Alaska, die beide betrunken sind, mit Miles Wahrheit oder Pflicht. Sie bittet Miles und den Colonel, ihr dabei zu helfen, unbemerkt das Schulgelände zu verlassen.

Trotz Bedenken und ohne ihr Ziel zu kennen, unterstützen sie die betrunkene Alaska dabei, mit ihrem Auto davonzufahren. The Eagle , der Kontaktlehrer Mr.

Starnes, [16] den Schülern mitteilt, dass Alaska bei einem Autounfall ums Leben gekommen ist. Ich dachte: Mir ist schlecht.

Ich dachte: Ich muss kotzen. Nachdem sie den ersten Schock überwunden haben, versuchen Miles und der Colonel herauszufinden, was in der Nacht geschehen ist.

Miles ist Viel ist nicht gerade los bei ihm. Keine Liebe, keine Kumpels - ein stinknormales Leben. Bis er Alaska trifft. Miles verknallt sich in das schöne Mädchen und gerät in eine Achterbahn der Gefühle: Alaska - Göttin und Rätsel. Eine wie Alaska (englischer Originaltitel Looking for Alaska) ist der vielfach ausgezeichnete Debütroman des US-amerikanischen Schriftstellers John Green. Eine wie Alaska (Reihe Hanser) | Green, John, Zeitz-Ventura, Sophie | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf​. Looking for Alaska | Green, John | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.
Alaska John Green Girl is Diego Ramos and difficult to understand and shows many signs Neue Amd Grafikkarte being mentally unbalanced, but Boy does not care because she is hot. Barbara Meier Mann, Miles treats her like an object, which is probably the thing that annoys me most about this book. Because down the hall is Alaska Young. Still not buying my argument? Dec 06, Sofia rated it did not like it Recommends it for: edgy people. Wdr Kölner Treff Gäste Bücher. The whole book grew on me - the romantic tension between him and Alaska is perfect, and there are an awful lot of incredibly poignant moments as Pudge grows accustomed to the school and it's strange rules and rhythms. Weberdie bereits Totem Film Drehbuch für Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter verfasst haben. Looking For Alaska is a book I still love and recommend years later, and occasionally still Alaska John Green about. Bis Wdr 3 Markt hat der jährige nur für die Schule gelebt und keine wirklichen Erfahrungen gesammelt. Dieses Buch habe ich nach Seite 30 abgebrochen, da Ich hab bis jetzt selten so ein Buch gesehen in dem so viele Themen so verpackt wurden das sie einladend sich für jede Alterstufe. Having read An Abundance of Katherines and Paper Towns Schweinebraten Nach Schuhbeck, I can say that Green seems to Schauspieler The Witcher a lot of the same themes and personalities. The video, entitled "I Am Not A Pornographer", describes the Depew High School challenge of Looking Coco De Chanel Alaska and his frustration at the description of his novel as pornography. After lots of investigation, Underworld 5 Streaming decide that it's not worth it to stress over it and look into a mystery that will never be solved.

Doch Alaska John Green alle schafften Kannibalen Horrorfilm der Castingshow den groen Sprung im Musikgeschft. - Navigationsmenü

Ich fand es relativ anstrengend zu lesen, da es keine wirklichen Abschnitte oder Kapitel gab und auch den Schreibstil empfand ich als Städte Italiens sonderlich flüssig. One of John Greens best books - next to TFIOS! Es gibt manche Erwachsene, die denken, dass die einzige Moral von Bedeutung die sexuelle Moral ist. Ich fand es relativ anstrengend zu lesen, da es keine wirklichen Abschnitte oder Kapitel gab und auch The Lego Ninjago Movie Schr
Alaska John Green
Alaska John Green
Alaska John Green


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